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Spanish people love life, art and nature. Activate your senses and improve your communication skills with our outstanding course. Gain confidence in our language & culture without feeling the stress of tedious classroom lessons.

Seaside Lessons offers a real cultural immersion living at your teachers home with courses and accommodation for students and people who enjoy the sun as well as participating in sports or admiring nature in groups of up to 4 people.



El Rompido is a charming  little village situated in the coast of Huelva, the westernmost province of Andalusia, at only one hour to Sevilla or Portugal.

Visitors can enjoy this wonderful environment without the inconveniences and disadvantages of the tourist crowds. The protection and conservation of its green landscapes, unspoiled beaches, native flora and fauna is very important in making this place truly special.

With sunny days 12 months a year, this is the perfect place to rest or to practice a different sport every day. These include horse riding, hiking, cycling, quads, golf, kayaking, sailing...and of course fishing.


A real paradise to be discovered